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Inquirers Class
The Very Rev. R. Derrick Fetz

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Inquirers Class

Our inquirers’ classes are intended primarily for those adults who have recently become interested in the Episcopal Church and/or recently come to St. Paul's Cathedral. The classes cover basic information about the Bible, the Book of Common Prayer, the sacraments and the life of St. Paul's Cathedral.


The classes are open to all those interested in learning more about the Christian faith and St. Paul's Cathedral.


They also serve as part of the preparation for a mature, adult affirmation of faith before the Bishop during his annual visitation to St. Paul's Cathedral, normally in Eastertide. 


  • If you have been baptized in any Christian denomination, you may be confirmed, making an adult affirmation of faith and appropriating the vows that were made on your behalf at baptism.  

  • If you have previously made an adult affirmation of faith in another denomination, you may be formally received into the Episcopal Church. 

  • If you have previously been confirmed in the Episcopal Church, you may wish to reaffirm your baptismal vows, as a public symbol of renewal and dedication to Christ.


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