Children's Education

Nursery & Sunday School

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Childcare for children ages 0-6 is provided for all Sunday morning activities, as well as at other times. The nursery is located in the lower level of the church adjacent to the Walker Room. Our staff is Red Cross certified, following New York state guidelines for health and safety. 

On Sundays, the Nursery is open from 9:15 am - 12:00 pm.

Sunday School
Godly Play is our curriculum for children grades Pre-K through 6. Written and developed by an Episcopal priest, Jerome Berryman, Godly Play applies the method and philosophy of Maria Montessori to Christian education. Teachers tell sacred stories, parables, and perform liturgical actions using hands-on story materials.  Children are invited to respond to play with the story materials or through art. Godly Play is designed to provide a space for children to encounter God and to develop language for that encounter.  Classes are on Sundays from 10:00 - 11:15 am.  

The Choir Program
St. Paul's offers one of the finest after-school music programs for children and youth.  Free musical instruction is offered to children who show the promise of musical talent, and the instruction leads to singing in the Cathedral Choirs.  The formation in liturgy, faith, and theology is substantial due to the discipline of weekly attendance at liturgies. 

The Christmas Pageant
Every year St. Paul's has a Christmas Pageant on Christmas Eve.  The children dress up as the main characters of the Christmas Story, the Youth serve as the puppeteers, a parent or adult leader serves as the Narrator, Christmas carols are sung throughout the story, and the newest born baby in the Parish is recruited to be the Baby Jesus.  The Pageant is the prelude to the Christmas Eve Eucharist.

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