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We have a world-class choral program!


  • Sing music from all time periods

  • A community that welcomes your entire family

  • A gateway to many great musical careers!

  • Opportunities for domestic & foreign travel

  • Friendships that last a lifetime

  • Sing major choral works with orchestra

  • Summer Camps

  • Stipends for all Choristers


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St. Paul's Cathedral Choirs

A Brief History of the Choral Traditions at St. Paul's

A Cathedral Choir of Men and Boys was first established at St. Paul's in 1867. This wonderful tradition served the community for well over 100 years.  Similarly, a recorded history of a Cathedral Girls' Choir dates as far back as the 1920's.


The transforming and expanding church of the 21st Century has brought change in the choir program at St. Paul's. This still dynamic program now features a choir of trebles, comprised of both boys and girls, and of profession adult (male and female) altos, tenors, and basses. 


The community of St. Paul's continues to provide boys and girls with an unparalleled musical education locally, and the alumni of the choir include distinguished composers, conductors, singers, and instrumentalists.  


The Cathedral Choir is also accustomed to regular travel, including both domestic and foreign destinations. The choir's most recent foreign tour was to Ireland in July 2019.

The Chorister Program at SPC


Unparalleled Music Education!


St. Paul’s Cathedral has provided children with first-rate music education for over 150 years.  Our professional music staff will take the time to help your chorister grow into a singer, musician, and leader.


Each child enrolled in our choir program receives FREE vocal training, music education, time, and resources from our professional music staff valued at over $5,000 a year. In addition, they are paid a monthly stipend for their hard work.  As choristers progress from our Training Choir to the Treble Choir, they develop healthy voices and professional music reading skills. 


Singing in the choir at St. Paul’s is a life-changing experience.  Choristers learn to value teamwork and community – the friendships, leadership skills, and strong musicianship learned at St. Paul’s will last a lifetime.

Training Choir:

  • For young, beginning choristers

  • One rehearsal a week commitment

  • Focus on healthy vocal technique and basic music reading

  • Great way to get to know our program and learn more about your child’s musical potential


Treble Choir:

  • For more experienced choristers

  • Rehearse at least twice a week

  • Sing advanced repertoire

  • Learn professional music reading skills

  • Sing concerts and services at St. Paul’s Cathedral and throughout Western New York

  • Make money – Trebles are paid a small stipend for their hard work

  • Participate in special activities: travel with the choir, sing concerts, attend summer camps

We are currently accepting auditions for:

Girls, ages 5 through high school

Boys, ages 5 through their voice change

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