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Children's Education

Kathy Reiss, Sunday School & Nursery Leader

Chase Slother, Nursery Caregiver



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Our current programming for children and youth is modeled after a growing tree and is called SPCKids. We strive to fit our children and youth into the appropriate developmental category; where appropriate, we will work with parents and guardians to determine where children and youth best fit into our programming.


We also have regular programming to help support parents and families. We offer quarterly dinners with a brief worship. After dinner, children work on a service project and a craft, while parents can chat about parenting challenges.


Our current youth and children formation program is based on Godly Play, which was written and developed by Jerome Berryman, an Episcopal priest. Godly Play applies the method and philosophy of Maria Montessori to Christian education. Teachers tell sacred stories, parables, and perform liturgical actions using hands-on story materials.  Children are invited to respond to play with the story materials or through art. Classes take place on Sundays beginning at 10:15 in the Walker Room (lower level). 


Please accompany your child to the class so that we may properly check them in. Children will return to the church service after the announcements.


SPC Seeds (Nursery)

Our staffed nursery is primarily intended for ages 6 weeks through 2 years, and our goal is to help children discover God. The children are cared for by nurturing team members. We teach about God through songs, storytelling, and our care for one another. The nursery is open from 9:15 am until 12:00 pm on Sundays and may be open for other events.


SPC Roots

Children aged 3 years through the end of kindergarten fit into the SPC Roots program, where our goal is to help children explore their relationship with God. This includes age-appropriate experiences through interactive storytelling, children’s worship, and activities to help reinforce the lesson. Children learn who God is and how much God cares for each of us.


SPC Sprouts

For school-age children in first through third grade, our goal is to equip them in moving forward in their relationship with God. We provide an age-appropriate environment for each child with exciting experiences including worship, interactive storytelling lessons, and games to reinforce the lesson and build relationships.


SPC Branches

We continue the SPC Sprouts focus with video lessons and small group discussions for fourth- through sixth-graders. Our goal is on applying the Biblical lessons to the children’s lives so that they can become life-long followers of Christ.


SPC Treehouse

Once children who are in seventh grade reach the Treehouse on their climb through their faith, we rely less upon classroom teaching and more on life activities and lived experiences. Our goal is to equip children in living out their relationship with God through the disappointments and successes that they will experience as adolescents and teens.

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