The Garden of Love

is Expanding its Services. 

Can you help?


Every Sunday, 11:30 am to 12:30 pm


You may remember that the Garden of Love

began with members of the cathedral hanging

mittens, hats, and coats on a trellis near the sculpture of Homeless Jesus in Cathedral Park. While we continue to offer free clothing, we feel that there is also a need for more.


Here are some ways you could help:


  • Donate a bag of apples, or a couple of bunches of bananas and drop them off at the Ministry Center.


  • Donate a box of chips, or other snacks, Cheetos, pretzels, cookies, etc. and drop them off at the Ministry Center.


  • Continue to bring in usable clothing. If anyone says that they are cleaning out closets ask them to bring the clothing to you and drop them off at the Ministry Center. 


  • Financial help is always appreciated. If you write a check, put Garden of Love in the memo line.


Of course, if you would personally like to minister to our less fortunate neighbors, you are always welcome any Sunday, between the hours of 11:30 am and 12:30 pm. We can always find something for you to do.


Submitted by: Anne Simet & Michael Bonilla

139 Pearl Street, Buffalo, NY 14202
Office: 4 Cathedral Park 
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Meeting ID:  716 855 0900

Password: 4cathedral


Phone Access: 929-205-6099

Access Code: 535 007 8352