Social Justice Action Team

The Garden of Love strives to put the above passage of scripture into action by offering a free meal and clothing to our guests each Sunday from 12:00 to 12:30 pm. The Cathedral is joined by St. John’s-Grace Episcopal Church, St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church and other volunteers in offering this ministry. In addition to meeting physical needs, we provide some spiritual care by praying with guests and respond to their social needs by being available to talk. To honor COVID-19 precautionary measures, volunteers and guests maintain social distance and wear a mask. Whenever possible, we distributed the lunches outside in Cathedral Park. Due to weather, we sometimes distribute lunches from the double glass doors of the Flickinger Ministry Center adjacent Cathedral Park.

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Videos from this morning’s Adult Formation program:
 How American’s Public Schools keep kids in Poverty (11/28/2016) TED Talk; Kandice Sumner
explains why “we don’t have an education gap, we have an education debt; approximately 14
 This is Equity (12/18/2019) Students talk about what they need, with comments from
Californians Dedicated to Education Foundation and other nonprofit entities working for school
equity; 6:45 minutes
Advocacy and Action

Episcopal Resources relating to our SJAT charge
Social Justice and Engagement 
Becoming Beloved Community 
Racial Reconciliation : see, in particular, Presiding Bishop Curry’s message on
racial reconciliation following the events in Charlottesville, which are still
relevant four years later
Center for American Progress: Fighting Systemic Racism in K-12 Education
The League of Woman Voters
Alliance for Quality Education (NYS Chapter; see “Get Involved”)
Citizen Action of New York - WNY Chapter
        2021 Legislative Agenda
Partners for the Public Good Education   (PPG) agenda; Local Public Interest Group, an
organization that fights privatization of public services
Literacy Buffalo-Niagara
Erie County Restorative Justice Coalition

Local Web Sites
Buffalo Board of Education: watch meetings live when in session
Buffalo Parent-Teacher Organization
Buffalo Charter Schools
The Civil Rights Project 2015 Report: Better Choices for Buffalo's Students: Expanding &
Reforming the Criteria Schools System

Books (And so many others including James Baldwin)
Kozol, Jonathan: Savage Inequalities: Children in America’s Schools (1991)
Berry, Wendell: The Hidden Wound (1970)
McGee, Heather: The Sum of Us, What Racism Costs Us and How We Can Prosper (2021)

Selected Resources September 19, 2021

Studies, Reports and Articles
The Tragedy of America’s Rural Schools, New York Times, 9/7/2021
What Will School Really Look Like This Fall, New York Times, 9/8/2021
Parents of Students With Disabilities Try to Make Up for a Lost Year, New York Times,
Why Black Teachers Walk Away , Edutopia article by Youki Terada, March 21, 2021
America's Schools Are 'Profoundly Unequal,' Says U.S. Civil Rights Commission, January
11, 2018; NPR report that inches a history of school funding
New Study Finds the U.S. Could Be Losing $2.2 Trillion Annually Due to Low Adult
Literacy Rates  Barbara Bush Foundation for Family Literacy (9/9/2020)
A Nation at Risk, 1983 (archived at the US department of Education) 
A Nation at Risk (PDF)

Nice White Parents 
Renegades: Born in the USA , Barack Obama and Bruce Springsteen in conversations
about Race
PBS: Eyes on the Prize
Education History: 
Systemic Racism
Plessy v Ferguson (4-½ minutes)
Brown v Board of Education (4 minutes)
The Clark Doll Experiment: original one was used as evidence in Brown v Board
of Education (1 minute)
Unintended Consequences of Brown v Board of Education (7-¾ minutes) Black
teachers lose their jobs (7-3/4 minutes)
The Controversy Over Teaching the Real History of the US
School to Prison Pipeline
Paper City: School to Prison Pipeline (Includes “curriculum” for discussion
groups - adults and youth
School to Prison Pipeline Youth for Rise TedX Richmond (HS youth talk about
their feelings
Healing Justice (World Trust; school to prison pipeline)

Selected Resources September 19, 2021

Quality Education and Literacy
A Nation at Risk, 1983 (archived at the US department of Education) 
A Nation at Risk (PDF)
The Century Foundation: Education Research Studies
New Study Finds the U.S. Could Be Losing $2.2 Trillion Annually Due to Low Adult
Literacy Rates  Barbara Bush Foundation for Family Literacy (9/9/2020)

Oyeh All cases and decisions of the US Supreme Court


Disrupting Implicit Racial Bias and Other Forms of Discrimination to Improve Access,
Achievement, and Wellness for Students of Color,